About India for Myanmar

The India for Myanmar movement is a free and independent grassroots advocacy movement aimed at restoring democracy in Myanmar. It involves democracy and human rights activists, experts, and members of various organizations from both Myanmar and India. The movement was launched on 15th October 2021 with the motto, “India people’s solidarity is the key to the Myanmar democracy movement.” The main purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness about the situation in Myanmar in India and to influence the Indian government’s stance on the Myanmar crisis. The movement engages Indian people, civil societies, and political parties to advocate for India to be a supportive neighbor to Myanmar by backing the democracy movement there. 

India People’s Solidarity is the key to Myanmar democracy movement.


Our vision is to see the Indian government standing in solidarity with the people of Myanmar, facilitating the establishment of a new federal democratic nation in Myanmar. This involves ending complicity in Myanmar's military's atrocious crimes and reducing China’s influence from China on stakeholders in Myanmar.


Our mission is to shift the stance of the Indian government by advocating to the Indian people, civil society organizations, political parties, and democratic nations. We aim to promote democracy values within the India-Myanmar relationship and work towards the restoration of democracy in Myanmar.


1. To mobilize the Indian people to become aware of the ongoing crimes committed by the Myanmar Military and to stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

2. To raise awareness among the Indian people, civil societies, and political parties about the relationship between the Indian Government and the Myanmar Military, and to mobilize them in support of the people of Myanmar's demand for Federal Democracy.

3. To advocate for better and more inclusive policies and laws regarding refugees in India.

4. To demand support and aid from democratic countries to end India's government complicity in Myanmar's military coup.