What is happening in Myanmar?

Situation in Myanmar after more than 15 months of Myanmar military coup attempt- 

# Activists and politicians are being persecuted.

# Over 10000 houses were burnt down or destroyed nationwide by the Burmese Military in Myanmar during the terror attacks.

# Junta forces are using rape as a weapon of war in conflict areas.

# Nearly a million people have been displaced due to ongoing conflicts and the number is growing.

# Over three million people are in need of emergency humanitarian support.

# Myanmar Junta has Killed 1835 + Civilians

# Myanmar Junta has arrested 13682 + Civilians

# Myanmar Junta has issued warrant for 1977+ People

Here are what you need to know.

# Ethnic Revolutionary Organization have been defending their own territories since the independence in 1948.

# Myanmar military is accused of Genocide, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity in ethnic minority regions since 7 decades ago.

# In 2021, the Military is waging offensive war against its own people who resist their attempted coup.

# Over 30, 000 Myanmar displaced people have fled to India.

# Indian Police have arrested hundreds of Refugees.

Disclaimer: Data from, AAPP, RFA, Data for Myanmar & Media Monitor Collective