We noted that ASEAN Foreign Ministers will hold an informal meeting on 11 May 2022, prior to the ASEAN – US Special Summit in Washington DC, to discuss the implementation of ASEAN 5PC.  We urge the ASEAN and its leaders to:

  • Immediately review and reconsider the decision made in the Consultative Meeting on ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance to Myanmar
  • Immediately and effectively suspend the military junta and its representatives from any strategic meeting of ASEAN for its non-compliance to the 5PC, particularly pertaining to provision of humanitarian aid
  • Conduct dialogue with the NUG and EAOs, and local civil society organisations to develop cross-border humanitarian assistance delivered by trusted local humanitarian and community based organisation
  • Conduct dialogue with the UN Special Envoy to synergise efforts to address human rights and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar
  • Review and amend the role and appointment mechanism of the ASEAN Special Envoy so that the mandate can assure its representation for ASEAN and effective coordination with all stakeholders in support of the will of the people of Myanmar.

List of Signatories

List of signatories below include the following 451 organisations and 314 Myanmar organisations that have chosen not to disclose their names.

  1. 8888 Generation (New Zealand)
  2. 8888 New Generation (Mohnyin)
  3. Aa Linn Eain Literary Force (Japan)
  4. Academy Zenith (Education)
  5. Action Against Myanmar Military Coup (Sydney)
  6. Active Youths (Kalay Myo)
  7. Ah Nah Podcast – Conversation with Myanmar
  8. All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress (AASYC)
  9. All Burma Democratic Face in New Zealand
  10. All Burma Student Democratic Front – Australia Branch
  11. All Religions Strike Column
  12. All Sagaing Township Basic Education Students’ Union
  13. All Schools of Aungmyaythazan Township Strike Group
  14. All Young Burmese League (AYBL)
  15. Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM)
  16. ALTSEAN-Burma
  17. Anti-coup Forces Coordination Committee (AFCC)
  18. Anti-Dictatorship in Burma – DC Metropolitan Area (ADB-DCMA)
  19. Anti-Myanmar Dictatorship Movement
  20. Anti-Myanmar Military Dictatorship Network (AMMDN)
  21. ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights
  22. Asia Democracy Network
  23. Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR)
  24. Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC)
  25. Asian Dignity Initiative
  26. Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)
  27. Asian Resource Foundation
  28. Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP)
  29. Association of Human Rights Defenders and Promoters (HRDP)
  30. Association of United Nationalities in Japan (AUN-Japan)
  31. Athan – Freedom of Expression Activist Organization
  32. Auckland Kachin Community NZ
  33. Auckland Zomi Community
  34. Aung Myay Tharzan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  35. Aung Pin Lal Main Strike Group
  36. Australia Burma Friendship Association, Northern Territory
  37. Australia Karen Organisation
  38. Australia Karen Organization WA Inc.
  39. Australia Myanmar Doctors, Nurses and Friends
  40. Australia Myanmar Youth Alliance (AMYA)
  41. Australian Burmese Muslim Organisation
  42. Australian Chin Community (Eastern Melbourne Inc)
  43. Australian Karen Organisation (AKO)
  44. Back Pack Health Workers Team
  45. Bago Basic Education Students’ Union
  46. Bamar Community Tasmania
  47. Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM)
  48. Bank Trade Unions Federation of Myanmar – BTUFM
  49. BEHS-1, Hpa-An Basic Education Students’ Union
  50. BEHS-1, Mandalay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  51. BEHS-11, Aungmyethazan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  52. BEHS-24, Mahaaungmyay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  53. BEHS-4, Mandalay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  54. BEHS-8, Aungmyethazan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  55. Best Friends Forever Group
  56. Blood Money Campaign
  57. Burma Action Ireland
  58. Burma Campaign UK
  59. Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN)
  60. Burma Lawyers’ Council (BLC)
  61. Burma Medical Association
  62. Burma Task Force
  63. Burman Suomalaiset (Finland)
  64. Burmese Canadian Network
  65. Burmese Community Development Collaboration (BCDC)
  66. Burmese Community in France
  67. Burmese Community Support Group (BCSG)
  68. Burmese Community, Australia
  69. Burmese Friendship Association
  70. Burmese Medical Association Australia (BMAA)
  71. Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK
  72. Burmese Rohingya Welfare Organisation New Zealand
  73. Burmese Women’s Union
  74. Campaign for a New Myanmar
  75. Canberra Karen Association
  76. CDM Support Team Mandalay
  77. Centre for Human Rights and Development, Mongolia
  78. Chanayetharsan Basic Education Students’ Union
  79. Chanmyathazi Township People Strike Group
  80. Chin Community of Auckland
  81. Chin Community of Western Australia Inc.
  82. Chin Community SA
  83. Chin Community Tasmania
  84. Chin Human Rights Organization
  85. Chin MATA Working Group
  86. Chin Resources Center
  87. Chin Youth Organization (Matupi)
  88. Chin Youth Organization, Australia
  89. Citizens of Burma Award (New Zealand)
  90. CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participations
  91. Co-operative University Student Strike Group
  92. Coalition of Mandalay Engineers
  93. Colorful Spring
  94. Combat Support Corps-Japan (CSC-Japan)
  95. Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS)
  96. Committee Representing Mandalay Region Hluttaw
  97. Cooperative University Student Strike Column
  98. CRPH & NUG Supporters Ireland
  99. CRPH Funding Ireland
  100. CRPH Support Group, Norway
  101. CRPH, NUG Support Team Germany-Deutschland
  102. CRPH/NUG Support Group Australia
  103. Daik-U Basic Education Students’ Union
  104. Daung Sit Thi
  105. Dawei Basic Education Students’ Union
  106. Dawei Youth’s in Japan (DYJ)
  107. Dawei Youths’ Revolutionary Movement Strike Committee
  108. Defense of Human Rights & Public Service, Pakistan
  109. Democracy for Burma
  110. Democracy for Myanmar – Working Group (NZ)
  111. Democracy Movement Strike Committee – Dawei
  112. Democracy, Peace and Women’s Organization
  113. Democratic Youth Council
  114. Demoso Basic Education Students’ Union
  115. Dragon Dawn (Charity Organization)
  116. Education Family Strike Group
  117. Educational Initiatives Myanmar
  118. Equality Myanmar
  119. Ethnic Youth General Strike Committee (Mandalay)
  120. European Karen Network
  121. Falam Community, Australia
  122. Family Private School Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  123. Federal FM Mandalay
  124. Federal Myanmar Benevolence Group (NZ)
  125. Federation of General Workers Myanmar
  126. Federation of Workers’ Union of Burmese Citizens (in Japan)
  127. Federation of Workers’ Union of the Burmese Citizens (Japan)
  128. Free Burma Action Committee – Chico
  129. Free Burma Action Committee (Central Valley)
  130. Free Burma Action Committee (Sacremento)
  131. Free Burma Action Committee (San Francisco & Bay Area)
  132. Free Rohingya Coalition
  133. Freedom for Burma
  134. Future Light Center
  135. Future Thanlwin
  136. General Strike Committee of Nationalities
  137. Generation Wave
  138. GenY For Revolution – Japan (GenY)
  139. Global Action For Myanmar Peace and Federal Democracy
  140. Global Movement for Myanmar Democracy (GM4MD)
  141. Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (Japan)
  142. Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (Korea)
  143. Golden Heart Organization
  144. Grass-root People
  145. Helping Hands for Burma (H2B)
  146. HER (Art, Recycling Center)
  147. Hinthada Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  148. Hlaing Thar Yar Basic Education Students’ Union
  149. Hope For Youth – Kyushu Japan
  150. Hopin Basic Education Students’ Union
  151. Human Rights Foundation of Monland
  152. India For Myanmar
  153. Indonesian Legal Aid Foundations (YLBHI)
  154. Industrial Training Centre (ITC) Family Sydney
  155. Info Birmanie
  156. Initiatives for International Dialogue
  157. Inter-Faith Strike Column
  158. Interfaith Youth Coalition on Aids in Myanmar (IYCA-Myanmar)
  159. Interim Teachers’ Union -Thanlyin Technological University
  160. International Campaign for the Rohingya
  161. International Karen Organisation
  162. International Society of Myanmar Scholars and Professionals (ISMSP-MM)
  163. Japan Myanmar Future Creative Association (JMFCA)
  164. Joint Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (JACDB)
  165. Justice 4 Myanmar – Hope & Development
  166. Justice For Myanmar
  167. Justice Movement for Community-Innlay
  168. Kachin Affairs Organizintion – Japan (KAO Japan)
  169. Kachin Association Australia
  170. Kachin Association of Australia WA Inc.
  171. Kachin Human Rights Watch
  172. Kachin Women’s Association Thailand
  173. Kanbung Youth (Matupi)
  174. Kanpetlet Land Development Organization
  175. Karen Community in Netherlands (KCNL)
  176. Karen Community, Australia
  177. Karen Environmental and Social Action Network
  178. Karen Human Rights Group
  179. Karen National League Japan-KNL
  180. Karen Peace Support Network
  181. Karen Swedish Community (KSC)
  182. Karen Women’s Organization
  183. Karenni Federation of Australia
  184. Karenni Human Rights Group
  185. Karenni National Society (KNS) Japan
  186. Karenni National Women’s Organization
  187. Karenni Society New Zealand
  188. Karenni/Kayah Community
  189. Katha Basic Education Students’ Union
  190. Kayan Internally Displacement Supervising Committee
  191. Kayan Rescue Committee
  192. Kayin Community Tasmania
  193. Keng Tung Youth
  194. Khanthar Farmers Network
  195. Khumzup Local Development Committee
  196. Kobe Myanmar Community
  197. Korean House of International Solidarity (KHIS), Korea
  198. Kyaukse Basic Education Students’ Union
  199. Kyaukse University Students’ Union
  200. Kyauktada Strike Committee (KSC)
  201. Labor Union Federation
  202. Labutta Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  203. Land in Our Hand (LIOH)
  204. Langkho Basic Education Students’ Union
  205. Lashio Basic Education Students’ Union
  206. Latsinu Women Agency
  207. Launglon Basic Education Students’ Union
  208. League For Democracy in Burma (L.D.B Japan)
  209. Letpadan Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  210. LGBT Union Mandalay
  211. LGBTIQ Strike Group
  212. Loka Ahlinn
  213. Los Angeles Myanmar Movement
  214. Magway People’s Revolution Committee
  215. Mahaaungmyay Township People Strike Group
  216. Mandalar College Students Strike Group
  217. Mandalar University Students Union
  218. Mandalay Alliance Coalition Strike Group
  219. Mandalay Based University Student Unions
  220. Mandalay Civil Society Organization
  221. Mandalay Computer University Student Union
  222. Mandalay Engineers Group
  223. Mandalay People Strike Group
  224. Mandalay Poets’ Union
  225. Mandalay Private Universities Students Union
  226. Mandalay Regional Youth Association
  227. Mandalay Technology University (MTU) Students Union
  228. Mandalay Universities, Degree and College Teachers and Staffs Strike Group
  229. Mandalay University Alumni Strike Group
  230. Mandalay University of Foreign Languages Students Union
  231. Mandalay Wholesale Centers Strike Group
  232. Mandalay Women Strike
  233. Mandalay Youth Strike Group
  234. Matu Chin Community, Australia
  235. Matu Forum Committee
  236. Matu Women Association
  237. Mawkmai Basic Education Students’ Union
  238. Mawlamyine Basic Education Students’ Union
  239. Medical Family Mandalay (MFM)
  240. Meikhtila Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  241. Metta Campaign – Mandalay
  242. Midwifery Training School Students Union (Mandalay)
  243. MIIT Student Strike Column
  244. MilkTeaAlliance Calendar Team
  245. MilkTeaAlliance Galleries
  246. MilkTeaAlliance Malaysia
  247. Minbu Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  248. Mindat Chin Community
  249. Mindat Community, Australia
  250. Mindat Emergency Response Team (MERT)
  251. Minority Affairs Institute – MAI (Myanmar)
  252. Mizo Community, Australia
  253. Mogaung Basic Education Students’ Union
  254. Mohnyin Basic Education Students’ Union
  255. Mon Families Group
  256. Mon National Council
  257. Mon Youth For Federal Democracy
  258. Monywa Basic Education Students’ Union – ABFSU
  259. Monywa People Strike Steering Committee
  260. MRJ (Maraja)
  261. Mudon Basic Education Students’ Union
  262. Muslim Youth Network
  263. Muslim Youths Association
  264. Mya Taung Strike Group
  265. Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability
  266. Myanmar Buddhist Community of South Australia
  267. Myanmar CDM Association
  268. Myanmar Community Coffs Harbour (MCC)
  269. Myanmar Community Ireland
  270. Myanmar Cultural Research Society (MCRS)
  271. Myanmar Democracy and Peace Committee (Australia)
  272. Myanmar Democratic Force in Denmark
  273. Myanmar Democratic Movement (MDM)
  274. Myanmar Development Support Group (MDSG)
  275. Myanmar Diaspora Group (Finland)
  276. Myanmar Emergency Fund (Canada)
  277. Myanmar Engineering Association of Australia (MEAA)
  278. Myanmar Engineers – New Zealand
  279. Myanmar Global Support Foundation
  280. Myanmar Gonye (New Zealand)
  281. Myanmar Institute of Information and Technology (Mandalay) Students Union
  282. Myanmar Labour News
  283. Myanmar Medical Online Campus
  284. Myanmar Nationalities’ Support Organization – Japan (MNSO)
  285. Myanmar People Alliance (Shan State)
  286. Myanmar People Residing in Canberra
  287. Myanmar Professionals Association Australia (MPAA)
  288. Myanmar Railway Division (3) CDM Staffs Strike Group
  289. Myanmar Student Association Ontario (MSAO)
  290. Myanmar Students’ Association Australia (MSAA)
  291. Myanmar Students’ Union in New Zealand
  292. Myanmar Youth and Student Association, Japan-MYSA
  293. National University of Arts and Culture
  294. National Youth League for Politics and Leadership
  295. National Youth Organization
  296. Netherlands Myanmar Solidarity Platform
  297. Network for Advocacy Action
  298. Network for Human Rights Documentation Burma (ND-Burma)
  299. New Rehmonnya Federated Force
  300. New Zealand Doctors for NUG
  301. New Zealand Karen Association
  302. New Zealand Myanmar Ethnics Council
  303. New Zealand Zo Community Inc.
  304. No (12) Basic Education Middle School Student Union
  305. No (7) Basic Education High School Alumni Strike Group
  306. No.12 Basic Education Middle School (High Branch) Basic Education Students’ Union
  307. Northern Spectrum Youth Association
  308. Nursing Training School Students Union (Mandalay)
  309. Nursing University (Mandalay) Student Union
  310. Nyaunglebin Basic Education Students’ Union
  311. Okinawa Myanmar Association
  312. Olive Organization
  313. Open Development Foundation
  314. Overseas Mon Association – New Zealand
  315. Padaung Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  316. Pan Pa Wash People Strike Column
  317. Paramedical Technical University (Mandalay) Student Union
  318. Patriotic War Veterans of Burma (PWVB)
  319. PEC Private School Basic Education Students’ Union
  320. People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), Korea
  321. People’s Hope Spring Revolution (PHSR)
  322. Perth Myanmar Youth Network
  323. Phayagye Peace Strike Column
  324. Phayagyi Peace Strike Group
  325. Private pre school Teachers’ Association
  326. Progressive Voice
  327. Pyay Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  328. Pyigyidagon Strike Group
  329. Pyin Nyar Nan Daw Private School Basic Education Students’ Union
  330. Pyin Oo Lwin Basic Education Students’ Union
  331. Pyinmana Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  332. Pyithu Gonye (New Zealand)
  333. Queensland Kachin Community (QKC)
  334. Queensland Myanmar Youth Collective (QMYC)
  335. Queensland Rohingya Community
  336. Red Campaign Nirvana Exhortation Group
  337. Remonya Association of WA (Mon Community)
  338. Representing The Arrested People Strike
  339. Revolution Tokyo Myanmar (R.T.M)
  340. Rohingya Action Ireland
  341. Rohingya Women Webinar Series
  342. Rvwang Community Association New Zealand
  343. Saga Myanmar Overseas Student Association
  344. Saitama Pamphlet Campaign (SPC)
  345. Sangha Union Strike Group
  346. Save and Care Organization for Ethnic Women on the Border Areas
  347. Save Myanmar – USA
  348. Save Myanmar Fundraising Group (New Zealand)
  349. SEA Junction
  350. Sein Pan Strike Column
  351. Seinban Strike Group
  352. Seven Star
  353. Shan Community (New Zealand)
  354. Shan Community in Japan (SCJ)
  355. Shan MATA
  356. Shan Women Development Network
  357. ShizuYouth for Myanmar
  358. Shwe Chin Thae Farmers Network
  359. Shwe Minn Tha Foundation (Myanmar)
  360. Shwe Youth Democratic Alliance (SYDA)
  361. Sintgaing Basic Education Students’ Union
  362. Sisters 2 Sisters
  363. Sitt Nyein Pann Foundation
  364. Skills for Humanity
  365. Southcare Medical Centre
  366. Southeast Asia Freedom of Expressions Network (SAFENET)
  367. Southern Youth Development Organization
  368. Southerner News Agency
  369. Spring Revolution Interfaith Network (SRIN)
  370. Spring Revolution Myanmar Muslim Network (SRMMN)
  371. Spring University Myanmar (SUM)
  372. Strike Column of Representatives of Arbitrarily Arrested People
  373. Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB)
  374. Students for Free Burma (SFB)
  375. Support for Myanmar
  376. Support Group for Democracy in Myanmar (The Netherlands)
  377. Swedish Burma Committee
  378. Sydney Friends for Myanmar Unity
  379. Ta’ang Legal Aid
  380. Ta’ang Women’s Organization
  381. Taekwando Sport Association
  382. Taekwondo Federation
  383. Tai Youths Network Japan (TYNJ)
  384. Taiwan Alliance for Myanmar (TAM)
  385. Tampawadi People Strike Group
  386. Tanintharyi MATA
  387. Tanintharyi People’s Voice
  388. Taunggyi Basic Education Students’ Union
  389. Technological Teachers’ Federation (TTF)
  390. Technological University (Yadanabon Cyber City) Students Union
  391. Technological University Mandalay (TUM) Students Union
  392. Tha Pyay Nyo Periodical
  393. Thapaynyo News Letter
  394. Thaton Basic Education Students’ Union
  395. The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar
  396. Thint Myat Lo Thu Myar Organization
  397. Twitter Team for Revolution
  398. U.S. Campaign for Burma
  399. Uakthon Local Social Development Organization
  400. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
  401. United Myanmar Community of South Australia
  402. University of Computer (Mandalay) Students Union
  403. University of Dental Medicine (Mandalay) Students Union
  404. University of Medical Technology (Mandalay) Students Union
  405. University of Medicine (Mandalay) Students Union
  406. University of Nursing (Mandalay) Students Union
  407. University of Pharmacy (Mandalay) Students Union
  408. University of Traditional Medicine (Mandalay) Students Union
  409. University Youth Prayer Committee (YUPC)
  410. US Advocacy Coalition for Myanmar (USACM)
  411. VEC Private School Basic Education Students’ Union
  412. Victorian Burmese Care Community (VBCC)
  413. Victorian Myanmar Youth
  414. Vietnamese Women for Human Rights
  415. Voice For Justice (VFJ)
  416. We Love Motherland-MM (Malaysia)
  417. We Pledge CDM (Australia)
  418. We Support (Japan)
  419. Western Australia Myanmar Democratic Network
  420. Wetlet Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  421. Winemaw Civil Society Network
  422. Women Activists Myanmar
  423. Women Advocacy Coalition Myanmar (WAC-M)
  424. Women Alliance Burma
  425. Women’s League of Burma
  426. Wundwin Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  427. Yadanabon University Students Union
  428. Yadanapone University Student Union (Ya. Ta. Ka. Tha)
  429. Yadanar Foundation
  430. Yangon Medical Network
  431. Yedashe Basic Education Students’ Union-ABFSU
  432. Yokohama Pamphlet Campaign (YPC)
  433. Young Changemakers Community
  434. Youth Poets’ Union
  435. YUOE Debate Club
  436. Zabuthiri Basic Education Students’       Union-ABFSU
  437. Zo Community, Australia
  438. Zomi Association Australia Inc.
  439. Zomi Community Queensland
  440. Zomi Community South Australia
  441. ခိုင်မြဲသစ္စာဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေး ကော်မတီ
  442. ပြည်သူ့ရင်သွေးနွေဦးတော်လှန်ရေး
  443.  ပြည်သူရင်သွေးနွေဦးတော်လှန်ရေး(ဂျပန်)
  444.  မြင်းခြံလူထုလှုပ်ရှားမှုကော်မတီ
  445.  မြန်မာ့ ဖက်ဒရယ်ဒီမိုကရေစီ အောင်နိုင်ရေးအဖွဲ့ပေါင်းချုပ် – ကိုရီးယား
  446.  မြန်မာ့ ဖက်ဒရယ်ဒီမိုကရေစီအောင်နိုင်ရေးအဖွဲ့ပေါင်းချုပ် (MFDMC)
  447. ရေအေးမိတ်ဖက် ဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးကော်မတီ
  448. အနာဂါတ်အလင်း ဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးကော်မတီ
  449. အလင်းရောင်ပန်းတိုင် ဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးကော်မတီ
  450. အလင်းသစ္စာဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးကော်မတီ
  451. အလင်းသစ်ပရဟိတ
  452. အားမာန်သစ် ဖွံ့ဖြိုးကော်မတီ

As we continue to receive strong number of endorsements after the deadline, the additional signatories are listed down as below.

  1. Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan (BRAJ)
  2. Coalition Myanmar-Québec
  3. Myanmar Doctors for Human Rights Network
  4. Nyan Lynn Thit Analytica
  5. Synergy