Condemnation of the 5th BIMSTEC Summit3.4.2022

India For Myanmar strongly condemns the actions of the BISMTEC member states for inviting the State Administration Council (Military Council), led by General Min Aung Hlaing, to represent the Government of the Union of Myanmar at the 5th BIMSTEC Summit.The State Administrative Council is the political arm of the Myanmar Armed Forces, which illegally seized its current power by force of arms, and which is responsible for many war crimes and crimes against humanity. Without ideological vision or coherence, it fans the flames of paranoia and violent nationalism. Without popular support, it props itself up by terrorizing the people of Myanmar. For inviting the Military Council to the 5th BIMSTEC Summit, BIMSTEC member states are accountable for the following consequences:

1. BIMSTEC directly legitimizes the State Administrative Council.

2. BIMSTEC member states underwrite the Military Council’s ongoing campaign of domestic state terrorism including torture, massacres, extrajudicial killings, and rape as a weapon of war.

3. BIMSTEC member states disgrace themselves in the arena of human rights and democratic values, losing all credibility. The historic record will show that BIMSTEC member states have undermined Myanmar’s brave democratic revolution and spit in its eye with hypocrisy.

India For Myanmar


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